by Tommy H. Thomason

Monday, September 12, 2016

Things Under Wings - Post-War External Tanks

Early on, AD-5s were seen with external tanks that were clearly not the so-called high-speed ones developed by Douglas in conjunction with the Mk 8X bomb shapes*. This is an example.

I haven't been able to find any data of these tanks other than examples, no two of which agreed in dimensions, of 150-gallon tank drawings on Standard Aircraft Characteristics for some airplanes. I was also initially confused by conflicting results from scaling photographs until I realized that there were probably two different but similarly shaped variants, a 150-gallon tank and one with a 300-gallon capacity. The result:
 I'd appreciate it if anyone can provide any information for these tanks, even just dimensions.



  1. Interesting post! On a related note, any chance you can do a post on the various jamming pods carried by the EA-1F / AD-5Q "electric" Spads?

    1. I'd like to do that to update what I've done so far ( but except for the big radar pod, I have even less dimensional and shape information than I did for these older drop tanks.